European Network for the Study of Ancient Greek History

Network Meetings

2001 opening session: Utrecht, Netherlands, April 20-22
supported by the University of Utrecht

2002 session: Launde Abbey., East Norton, Leics., UK, Dec.12-15
Archaic Greek Culture: the Archaeological and Historical Context of the First Writing in Europe supported by the ESF, Strassburg.

2003 session: Soeterbeeck, Netherlands, Dec. 11-15
Solon: New Historical and Philological Perspectives supported by NWO, KNAW, Univ. Utrecht, Nijmegen

2004 session: St. Ulrich near Freiburg i. Breisgau, April 21 – 23

2005 session: Brown University, Providence (RI) USA, April 15-17

2006 session: Freiburg i. Breisgau:
Intentionale Geschichte: Spinning Time

2007 session: Athens

2008 session: Trento

2009 session: Oxford:
Changing habits: the impact of cultural encounters in the ancient Greek world

2010 session: Warsaw

2011 session: Paris

2012 session: Tel Aviv:
Ancient Greece and Ancient Israel: Interactions and Parallels 1000 to 250 BCE

2013 session: Helsinki

2014 session: Mannheim

2015 session: Liège (Program)

2016 session: Copenhagen

2017 session: Uppsala